Monday, January 15, 2018

Nene ga Neelakantudini

Appudappudu aasa penavesukuni andam vaipuku nenu vesina adugulu nannu gayala cheekati gadiloki trosesinave,
Aandolana alankaramga cheekati addamlo nannu nenu chusukuntu bratakadame Chaitanyam ane stitiki na chittam cheripoyindane yeruka chemma roopamlo kanureppala madhya marugutunte, pongipokudadani atmaabhimanam ane reppala muthalu moosi, oopiri taalam gundeku vesi, guttu ga gurthukuvachhina anubhavalu digamingutunte, nene ga neelakanthudini

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I lost my pen

I lost my pen. I searched for it in all the places, I couldn’t find it. I guess I lost my pen. Can I write anything any more? Ah! I can just buy another a better one, But wait, I lost my pen. How does it matter? Will I die? No. Then whats the problem? Can’t I write anymore? No. Is it going to stop me from writing anything? No. You know what I lost my pen. Which is absolutely fine! Really!? 

I wrote great poems with it, poems that projected my thoughts actions, my plans and my existence. I lost my pen. Have I lost all those thoughts? Deeds? Plans? Have I lost my existence? No I just lost my pen, big deal! Everyone loses a pen, so did I. 
But what am I without my pen? Speechless, inexpressive, mute. I know where to find it but I will not search there, because I am happy sulking that I lost my pen. 

Pen = ?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Life has changed a lot from the days when I was a teen. Though that feeling hasn't gone yet in me, may be just coz I haven't married yet.? How far is life that we drag, truth is still missing or it is just too mystic for us to measure. Is life a cycle or a flow chart that eventually ends in graveyards(hearts of others). I call hearts graveyards because that is where we burry so many things, so many things I mean sooo many things. In real ppl are not buried in graves but in the hearts of other ones. Life is a race, life is a journey, life is a game, life is an emotion, etc..(as I döñt remember too many such quotes anyways).

These are phrases to motivate humans who are at a verge of depression or may be they are just fucked up with the illusion called society, exactly the way a bug is fixed in a program. But what exactly is life. We are born, we survive, we grow, we perish... Eureka we have finally concluded that life is a cycle kudos!!! Can you just shut the fuck up. I mean shut UUUup! Listen I was a kid and I had fun, I was a teen I fell in love, I was a man I married a woman, I am an adult I gave birth to a child and brought him up and meanwhile I also made money that I spent and I saved some, what for? Sorry my kid's future so r u sure that he is going to live forever.

O was a kid I had fun, I was a teen I fell in love(still I din't loose too many traits of having fun by then though) I was a man I married, fuck I am trapped in ppl, responsibilities, etiquettes not to miss on ego! (Definitely I lost the fun by now) I am an adult hahaha super hilarious discovery that I made or proclaimed the truth by now, now I am so rigid, so civilized(mechanical) so matured(does maturity mean becoming rigid? Emotionless? Selfish? Or just a machine that runs on auto pilot?) Oh boy, I pity u.

Fun what is this thing? Is ignorance fun? Or rigidity is maturity? Process of learning which we stop as soon as we become men as a result of our unnecessarily grown ego, desire to dominate, thirst to dictate, craving to know  that ppl want to listen to u, agree with u and do the way u say. In all this process though our ego is satisfied, our hearts parch. You know why because we forgot to have fun. And what the hell fun is? Fun is the happiness that comes as a result in the process of learning.

Eternity is in Love.

Liking you was like desiring divinity while dwelling in ignorance,
Cosmic conspiracy to conceal you from my conscience has concluded,
Collision of our souls exchanging energies and changing direction,
All towards a better life and better progression...
Illusion was the instrument, 
Intimacy was the inner voice, 
Indefinite our destiny incredible is this journey, 
Each moment of eagerness to meet, 
Each moment consumed together, 
Eternity is in Love and we are her expression!

సిరి సమస్య

బ్రహ్మ కడిగిన పాదము, బ్రహ్మము టాననె పాదము,
బ్రహ్మను కన్న పద్మము, పద్మావతి ని పత్నిగా పొందిన దైవము,
పరమపధము ప్రకటించిన జ్ఞానము,
పదము పై పరిశోధనలెరుగక ప్రజల కై పరుగెడుతున్న పాదము,
పవిట చిరు వేలున చిక్కగ చేతననొసగని జ్ఞాన పధము,
సిరి చేతుల వడి చర  చర  జారిన చీరకు నాధుని నైజము,
దుఃఖముల భక్తులకెచటనో రక్షణ కై నాధుడు కదిలెనొ,
శీల శిక్ష పతివ్రతలకు ప్రాప్తమో,
రక్షణకై నాధుడు కదిలెనొ,
మరి సిరి శీలము శ్రీనాధుకు చులకన?
గోవిందా అనే గోవుల గొంతులు విని అరవింద నీ ఆత్రములెరుగన,
ద్రౌపదికిచ్చిన్న చీరల సారెలు - మరచితివా ని పత్ని వలువలు...

సుక స్వగతం

ప్రకృతి కాంత నా కౌగిలి కోరగ,
పిల్ల గాలి నా పాదము తాకగ,
ఒక్కటై నేనొక్కటై నాలో నేనే రమిస్తూ, నాకై నేనే శ్రమిస్తు,
నడవన నట్టడవి నడుముని తడుముతూ,
రమణ రమణ నీ నామస్మరణ, రమితమీ ఆనందమమిత,
కాదనలేని జ్ఞాన ధార,
కవ్వించుచున్నదీ భాగవత సిర,
పరీక్ష ఎటువంటిదీ శిక్ష,
రక్ష రక్ష శ్రీ రామ రక్ష, శిక్ష కాదు ఇది దీక్ష,
రక్ష  పరీక్షిత నా దీక్ష నీకు మోక్ష

బతుకే భాగ్యం!!!

కూసంత ప్రేమ కోసం కోటి దీపాల కాంతి కళ్ళలో కుదించుకుని కొండంత కోరిక తో కూర్చుంటే,
ఎండమావుల ఎడబాట్లు యదార్ధమై,
ఎండిపోయిన ఏరు తీరీ ఎదురుచూపులనే ఎరుక ఎంత వింతో!
భావుకత భావోద్వేగాల భీబత్సం భ్రాంతి అని
భ్రమ భామ  బంధనాలు బద్దలు చేసుకు బైట పడ్డ బతుకే భాగ్యం!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Happiness is within just like how light is in a candle within,
A flame is all it would need to ignite,
Love is the wax that melts in the wait,
Matter concealed life,
Life concealed mind,
mind concealed expectations,
Expectations concealed emotions,
Myriad emotions - Good, bad, ugly, great...
They come out when mingles on a date,
energies exchange, emotions interchange, thoughts combine, opinions collide,
Judgements made, egos invade, chaos created, peace perverted,
Mind cease the compound,
Despite the union inevitable,
Desire's perseverance interminable,
Candle's calling unrequited

Tomorrow Calling

Myriad thoughts stifled in the edifice of constraints, 
Breaking through the doors they runout for freedom, 
One cannot capture them in for too long,
For their very nature is to flow,
Like how the dawn of tomorrow is inevitable,
Sun will rise world will shine, 
A better day, a better thought, a better life, will see a better tomorrow...

Corpse I am

Great is God that he called us humans,
I am one! Corpse I am,
Death is what I am expected to achieve,
Birth is what I lurk for...
Life I see everywhere, I love killing, I kill everyone,
Hope is manmade and I am man...
I motivate myself with hope,
love is a lie I try on myself, I live having faith that I deserve one,

Corpse I am, I live out of a reason that I am expected to,
Ironical reality is that I have expectations from my own self,
I expect from others too...
I am dead as I no longer dream, I live reality with a dead face,
'Cheese' is what the world calls for - cheap I become each time I deliver,
Laugh comes from other's grief - truth hides in your own grave.


Non existent existence intruding the inner-self’s core,
Mass of reality melting down to minimal,
Revealing the dynamics of truth,
Denying probabilities of fate,
Transforming time into space,
Proving zero is not equal to zero,
Life’s equation rewritten to amplify purpose,
A process put in place based on algorithms of society defied,
Fugitive flame of love escaped control to prove a point,
Supernova of the self repelled all the laws to bring the unique union with the Universe.

Dual to One.

This tense distance's persistent resistance,
Is diffused in deliberate determination to definite conjunction,
Doomed dawn denied dusk,
Involuntary penance Volunteered
Parched hearts to preach passion,
Love lived life in a new light emerging from the twilight,
Circumstances summoned to certain conviction,
Divine decision of destined union developed the dual to one.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Love with Rules

Unconditional condition is conditioned into concentrated concoction of reason and logic,
For those never applied to it is now bound in them,
Allied with freedom and free will it was omniscient,
Rules it had none, rooted deep in everyone,
It dwelled in disguise within men, 
It revealed itself through the one,
It felt true, it felt real, it became a noun with no form,
Then it meets men...
It is trapped in thoughts, in actions and in their rules,
Allies defeated, it is left on its own in the myriad arrows of thoughts,
It is struck, bleeding, claiming and proclaiming its existence,
How it existed, no one knew,
It’s still there hurt and wounded deep in the hearts, whispering sweetly ‘ I am Love... I am Love...’

Saturday, September 30, 2017

ఆనంద విలాసము...

రెచ్చిపోయిన కణిక రగలగా రగలగా, 
రాపిడుల రవమయ్యి చెలరేగే ప్రణవము,
సృష్టి  బ్రహ్మాండములు పుట్టె ,
సుముహూర్తాలు చూడక జతలు కట్టె,
గతులు మారి పతులు పుట్టె ,
బతక తలంచి వాంఛ పుట్టె ,
చావెరుగని చేవతోడ చెరులు సంచరించె ,
కవ్వించగా కాలము నిగూడమయ్యి జ్ఞానము,
జగములుద్భవించెనిదియని ఆనంద విలాసము... 

స్వగర్వ భ్రమణమొంది పరము మాని ప్రగల్భముల పాలాయె ప్రభల వలన,
ధాతు భూతముల భజన తోడ భ్రమలు కూడి బ్రహ్మ తాననె  బంతులన్నీ,
పుట్టె  ప్రాణి కోటి నిమ్నమే నిజమని నిగమమెరుగనిదై,
అవతరించెను భ్రాంతి - ఆత్మనెరుగని ఆర్తి,
సాక్షి కాలము - కాదాయనుకొనెనిది అజ్ఞాన అవివేకముల పరిహాసము, 
ఈ ఆనంద విలాసము... 

ఆగలేదంతట 'ఈ గో'లలాట, 
మించి మంచి మహతులెంచి,
సృజనలావహించి పెంచి పోషించ సాగె ప్రభులమంచు,
వెలుగు జిలుగుల గోళముల కటికచీకటి కాంచి క్రోధమాగని కాలము కదలసాగె,
గతము పుట్టె స్వగతము గ్రహముల చుట్టబట్టె,
చరులకు ఇక చరిత్ర పుట్టె జ్ఞాపకాల జాడబట్టె,
కాలమేతెంచె నిక అని కాలము కాలాతీతుని కాళ్ళు బట్టె,
చూడలేకున్నాను నిన్ను తెలియని జగముల పై జాలినొందలేకున్నాను,
నీ  ప్రేరణ లేని సృష్టి సృష్టి కాదే , ని మన్నన లేని తృప్తి తృప్తి కాదే, కాడలేని గొప్ప నీదే, 
మాకును ఒకపరి దరిశనమియ్యరాదే ఆని వేడుకొనె కాలము, 
సత్యము అది స్వచ్ఛము అది నిగమము అది ప్రణవము,
ఇది మొదలు అసలు ఆనంద విలాసము...  
'గొప్పలకుబోయె గర్వగ్రాహులు ఈ గురుత్వగ్రహములు,
గొప్పజెప్పవయ్యా నీ గుట్టు విప్పవయ్య,
నిన్ను నీకు నువ్వు చూపవయ్య'.  
'కోరికలెరుగని నీకేలకలిగెనింత చింత,
పాలపుంతల మధ్యనున్నది ఒక మంచి ముంత,
సృజనకు నిత్తు స్వేచ్ఛ కాంత, పుట్టుగాక జీవి భవము చేత,
మనంబునొంది యుండు వాడు మనుజుడదిగో,
ఏ రాజ తాండవము సృజన చేశెనో బ్రాహ్మాండము,
ఆ రాజు సంకల్పమీ ఆనంద విలాసము...

Ananda Thandavam to be continued...

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Now you too sleep.

Stories untold had gone to sleep in the graves of past , now you too sleep my sweetheart!
Expressions expelled from the facade of art, now you too sleep my sweetheart!
Much Admired beauty of the beast has worn betrayal's hat,  now you too sleep my sweetheart!
Night's rejection of light has only made it more beautiful tonight, now you too sleep my sweetheart!
Love's tired of longing and  heart pinned to the pendulum's banging, counting on the times it got hurt, now you too sleep my sweetheart!

Kaleidoscopic colours of life!

kaleidoscopic colors of life!
clear days and dark nights,
Love's treaty with its siblings,
To moonlight in all the flings,
Flying saucers falling flat,
dreams denied by destined fact,
fool's paradise flourished with foes,
yet the belief to be better echoes...

Centre Everywhere

A fall that will raise,
A journey derived from the destiny,
A plan to fail, that failed...
Peace seldom prevailed.
The end where it all begun,
There violence was vouched for due to intolorent silence in the harmony,
Inertia to be the new progress,
Life to be less lifeless,
Rules felt good, freedom forbidden,
It all starts there... inside the circle whose centre is everywhere...

Magic is over my love

In his favourite shoe called hope,
He reached the park of life,
Gaint wheels of holding hands,
Columbus of time taking him back and forth,
Trampoline of anxiety throbbing expectations up and down,
Rings thrown all over his wish list,
Show, he wanted to be part of the guest list,
She was the magician and love was the magic,
He became a prop who lost logic, 
Her spell of love struck him forever,
He still stands still though the magic is over...

GOT - Inspiron

A flair found they used and abused but it just flaired, 
Always they thought the hut was quiet,
The wind was light,
The sun was bright,
Realisation of night,
Winter was coming that was to fight,
Wanted an army of light from the woods of twilight, 

Fire was every lip's prayer,
Every heart melt for the heat of life, 
Cold was feared and god wasn't, breeze was the foe, and flair became the friend,
Opportunist bastards blamed men and the grateful flair prayed the winter not to end,
Selfish world and selfish nature,
Sustenance was the reason of every aspect to treason.

U & I - Revelation

Light that we saw together, 
Life that we seek forever,
Purpose is not joy,
Purpose is not try,
Purpose is not you and I,
I don't think we fell from sky,
Mortal minds that see the high,
Walk away from nature's lie,
Eternity is the womb all,
Truth is that there is no fall,
We dwell and dwell till the dark becomes light,
And the night becomes bright, 
We are the transformation twilight,
Mortal bonds become unreal,
We progress reliving as eternity's revelation...


Engrossed in evolution of life,
Finding destiny and the journey too,
In the journey of finding journey I live,
A torch bearer tomorrow,
I travel the time fro and to,
light is coming and clouds are its signs,
moments are the paths and the life is the path finder,
Harmony with myself, humility the instrument,
Hiding in the weakness of self,  I discover my strengths,
Energies synergize and purpose prevailed,
perpetuity of togetherness revealed,
It's the dawn, its the day,
A day with Sun, Moon and stars,
A day with snow, rain, night and twilight,
Descending deep into me,
The day of LOVE begun...

Friday, March 24, 2017

Goddess ART

An Exquisite expression that has manifested into mass to inspire the artist
So womanly that men cant resist
Humble yet firm, sweet but sharp, sensitive yet immobile to emotions, human yet demonstrates the divine calm
Quite but a dynamic dawn
Fine to those who restrain to their limits and disdain to those who dare to mischief
A trance that every artist dwells in
Glance that every mind melts in
Suspense in the obvious,
Thou art the nature, Love is your curator._Vipinsurya

Saturday, December 31, 2016

E paatidi

E paatideejeevithambepaatidi vijayambu,
E paatidi rajabhogambepaatidi raasaleela,
bhavasaagarambu jeevithambu, kshanikame vijayamu,
rajabhogambu karma kaarakamu, raasaleelalu raminchaventho kaalamu,
E paatidi garvambepaatidi keerthi makutam
E paatidi punyaphalamu
Akhilambu aatmasaha  a paramaatmuni paadakrantamu!

We survive

Survival the purpose of our very existence, well I döñt find any other valid purpose yet. We evolve from the basic idea of feeding our stomach till feeding our mind with thoughts, desires and beyond. How weird it is that we never realize that we are only surviving and we feel we are living NO. We are feeding our desires which are just like hunger. How much ever we eat we feel hungry again after some time. So how much ever we fulfill our desires we have some more in some time sooner or later we definitely have desires new or the same old(I hope u got me when I say the same old). These desires lead to so many consequences. In fact everything around us is only becoz of the urge with in us to survive. 

Poddunna O nijamochhindi!

Podduna o nijamochhindi entha bhayapaddano!
Eppati lage kallu musuku batike nenu melkoni nijam chusanu,
Agnanaandhakaram udayinchindi
Aa katika cheekati kaanthi lo aadarsaala sevam padi undi,
Maasipoyi chirigina Viluvala valuvala mukkalu chuttu chella cheduruga padi unnai
Aa pakkane abhyudayam ane chetta kundi
Na kaali cheppula kinda kullipoyina manavatvam abbo entha muriko
Aa asahyamaina veedhi Peru sanmaargam anta entha siggu chetu manam asaleppudaina alanti veedhi lo nadichi untama
Chuttu Saayam ane bharinchaleni durvaasana
Niswardham burada atu itu
Aakade prema ane bichhagadu
Ulikki padi kallu musukune sariki o idantha nijam ammo nenu akkada batakatledani oopiri peelchukunna
Enthati peeda nijamo

Jodeddla Bandi

Jodeddla bandi kada ra jeevitham
Eedu joodaiyte janma kada adbhutam
Kashtala kankarulu nishturam vankarulu
Kalisunde batukulu kadilochhina kalalu
Hai hai antunna avasaram
Nai nai antunna adrushtam
Maarpula malupulakai mana prayanam
Maayadaari megham chatuna chandrodayam
Goti kaadi nakkalla appula aavesam
Tappiddam ante oppukoni avasarala aadesam
Srama lo dravinchipoyina kaalam
Gatukulalo gundellu baadukunna asahanam
Gamyam gaaliki odilina gaami gamyam asampoorna aasavaadam


Nalona nannu ne vetukutunnanu
Ninnala nenu eroju undalenu
Natana manna kathina neeti nenu
Nimnamaina janma lo nijam nenu
Nayavanchana naivedyam nenu
Nitho nitturpunaasinchanu
Nannu nannane na nestam nuvvani
Nammaga ne raasina kavitani
Na ane e dvani vini
Ni manasika mari muravani
Prati dhvani kika idi pani
Na kalamuni avi kadapani
Kavanamani pawanamani
Idi hrudi dhvani ni madi cherani
Sahityamani nityamani satyamani e snehanni

Bahu Doorapu Baatasari

Bahu doorapu baatasari nenu,
Dooralanu jayinchalenu,
Gaami ga na payanam gamyam vaipenu,
Yerugani kathalenno chebutanu,
Chinna boyina chaitanyam vyagrata nenu,
Challarani chittiantala velugunu nenu,
Tiruguleni tellariki teerpunu nenu,
Udayinchani suryudi velugunu nenu,
Batukulu veliginchagalano ledu bhavaalanu veliki teeyagala sodhakudini nenu, parishodhakudini nenu,
Manishini nenu maro manisihi manovedanaku addam padatanu


Intha moorkhatvam
Intha swardham intha vanchana
E samaajam a rakamga naku spoorthi daayakam, Dabbu hoda unte kani ninnu chusi navvaleni manushula baadha
Entha khatinamementa swardham entha neecham ee samajam
Andulone bratakamante bratuku manta lo kaali poda maanavatvam
Endukee tapana endukee aaraatamenduki aasa swardhapoiritham
Enduku e samajam
Neechamu ni budhi ani telisi neeti sloka patthanamenduku
Alochanala agni parvatalu Aadarsala boodidhaga chudadanikendukintha megha madhanalu
Nenu nenuga undaleni nannu nenu nikela cheppagalanu
Prema ane pain killer tho adjustment ane rooganiki vaidyam ela cheyagalanu
Alochana naku unna saapama aavedana naku mano vaikalyama

kavi tho Kaasepu

Kadulutunna aasalanu kaagitana sthiraparichi
Aalochana aanavallu antaragaana anveshinchi
Aagipoyi akkada aatu itu tirugutunnadu...
Ravigaanchanidi ne vetukutunnanani vaadistunnadu
Endukayya neekantha srama ani adigite
Nenu chuste naluguru chustaarannadu. Asaladento teliyakunda ela vetukutav ante
Padam puttaka padam ayyinda puttaka munde nikadi padamani erukayyinda ani adigaadu.
Vedantam matladutunnadanukunna
Atu poye vaaranta atagadi baagotam telisina vare anukunta.. Nannu kuda ado rakam ga chustunnaru.
Ibbandi ga unna itagaadi vishayam Telchalani pattubatti o pakkana na moota Betti chustunna.
Neala vaiposaari meghala avatalikosari kallu moosukuni inko sari
Security guard ki malle pade pade Ade kadhe.
Em vetukutunnado ardham avvatledu
Okati maatram vichitram.
Atadi sisa lo sira sanchilo kaagitalu atagaadu entha raasi paarestunna nindukodam ledu.
Naranarallo sira nimpuku tirigevadila kanabadutunnadu. Nalukane kaagitam la vadutunnadu. Raasi raasi malli dikkulu chustadu
Aapademo em rasaado chaduvudam anukune lopu malli raastunnadu
Ika naku sahanam nasinchi poyindi.
Chokka pattuku adugudaamani aavesamga atadi vaddaki vella
Edo pralayam ochhinattayindi
Kshanamlo atade na chokka pattukuni
Dorikindi dorikindi ani arichadu.
Visigipoyina nenu inka gattiga em dorikindi ani arichanu.
Ravi kaanchanidi ne vaachinchinadi naku dorikindi annadu
Inka kopam aatruta okkatayi atadini visiri paaresanu....
Atadu maayamaipoyadu
Akkada migilindi atadu raasina kaagitalu maatrame.... Chala varaku gallo egiri poyayi.
Naku andinanni pogesanu
Anni chuste pariseelana ga chadivite atadu chusindento naku kanapadindi.
Adi ravi gaanchanidi!

Kamakshi Krupajudave...

Kamakshi kamakoti peetha vaasini,
Koraga uttara kshaname ni challani chupu valana teercha galavu yemadiginanu,
Yemadaganu ninnu nenu ivvagalavemadiginanu
Koranamma dhanamadi techhunn korkelanu
Koralenu vastulu avi korutakanarhamu
Koranu e vaahanambu ne dalachu gamyamavi cherchalevu
Kora talli sukhamul dukhamulu avi karma konitechhu
Koranu ye sthalamul padavulu avi adhikaramu nichhi ahamkaaramu nakalankarinchu
Korane kutumbamu adi bhava bhandhanamu na aatma kichhu
Koranu ye mokshamu adiyetlundo nenerunganu
Koreda kevalamu ni seva lo karigipovu kalamu janmamu kamakshi krupajoodave

Em mokkutav ro Koduka

Em mokkutav ro koduka devullanem mokkutav ro
Ooravatale gudulo oorlona brandy shopulu
Em mokkutav ro koduka
Eliginchedemo agarottulu ni dil pasandulemo cigarette ulu
Kondantha devudani kondalapaaljestivi
Gundello gudi gattamante rallalo bandistivi
Em mokkutav to koduka
Bhaktantavu Bali istavu dostula pilisi brandy postav valla liver karab jestavu
Em mokkutav to koduka em mokkutav
Pandagantavu nuvvu patakeel pelustavu
Pelchestavu pittala gundelu kalchestavu
Em mokkutav ro koduka
Illantavu bhoomi poojal jestav bhoodevi gundel tavtavu
Em mokkutav ro koduka
Karkhanalu gadatavu dhuiaalu dummetti postavu
Deepalu eligistavanukunte beedolla batukulu kaalustavu
Em mokkutav ro koduka
Porolla devuduntadu ra ayya pani tholaku ra koduka
Lakshmi raavalantave gani kuturantene niku manta ra koduka
Em mokkutav to koduka
Mosaalu jestavu pantulaa paadalu padatavu
Paapalu poneeki devuni duknaallo paisalenno gadatavu
Paapapu sommulu entha poste emundi koduka paapame panchi paapivaotunnavu
Em mokkutav to koduka


Mahanyasa saaramsam mama shankara tatvam
Manassulo nindi unna shakti roopam aa niraakaara saakara roopam
Kolichina moksham kolavanane kupasta mandukam
Kapalapaatra bhoktaku ledu kanisa bedham
Kaamari kamita phala daata entha vichitramu tana raata
Kaalari kopishti bhoota ganamulakella gnana pradata
Asurulakainaa aapta mitra antima yaatralo sannihita
Agni netra stiramainadi sheetala kshetra
Nirlinga linga mahaganga garva bhanga
Shakti Siva roopa adagakane joopedavu le maa pi ni krupa


we cry and cry for someone who becomes no one later. We suffer memories with them and continue to suffer. We live with them wen they were with us and even wen they r not. Life is just doing its job. Singularity is auspicious till some one compounds with us to form a new molecule.
we miss them later or may be not. However we miss the joy of compounding. Life enabled us to chase so much that we forgot wat this chase is about. We r hurt, lonely, depressed and deprived... Of wat no clue and we call it life. No comprehensions and no conditions, if u r screwed u r screwed and that's the reality. How much ever u cry or even sulk it will not happen. But it will happen again pretty soon not the same way may be. Our isolation is with none other than ourselves. Unite itself with the u universe. Rest all is blind.

Comedy Circus

a vegamo ninnu tarumutuvunte, etuvaipo ninnu trosestunte,
evari kosamo ni eduru chupulu,
ushodayalu a udayalu testayano ni utsaaham,
oorike undaleka oohalu undabattaleka, urukulu parugulu uthutti uppenalu,
em saadhinchamo,
Edo paramaardham vetikesaamani, Edo udharincham ani ahambhavam,
veeti vegamlone manam vemparlaadedi,
vaastavaalu marachi vilavilaboyedi,
manam puttam Anna nijam tappa mana jeevitamlo anni abhoota kalpanale,
navvaleka edavadam,edavaleka navvadam, em cheyyalo teliyaka mounam mana naizam,
batuku yokka paramaardham batakatam maatrame,
migilanadanta comedy circus...

Chotisi baat

baat khauf Ki nahi hai par dil dhadakne se bhi darta tha,
aane wale kal ke baarein mein sochne Mein dikkat kuch nahi hai par beete huye kal ke zakham Abhi bharein nahi,
doorieonse dar nahi hai mujhe par door honese darta huin Mein,
band darwazoin Mein dil kholke jeena seekhtho liya hai par khule aam saaiens lene se darta huin Mein,
aarzoo tumhe paaneki hai meri par tujhe khonese darta huin Mein,
ladte he mohabbat seekha Mein ne maarte hi seekha jeena, maidaan sa lagta hai duniya mujhe ab jang ban Gaya khud ko Sambhalna,
mautse mangliya waqt Mein ne ab zindaa rahunga bus tere Saath jeene...


Enthatidi ee batuku dehi,
Anthanthaku aasa perita dehi dehi,
Paathanta rothantu mohi,
Kotha pasamula mrokkevu Pahi pahi,

Gadilo gottuga manasumuta gattava,
Gunde rayiga mande Neeta adi munchava,
Thellavarlu batuku thellavarunani yeduru chusava,
Thellavarelopu kalluvali kunukesava,

This is it.

I swear that you are the one,
I swear you are second to none,
You are my dream of life,
I wish you could be my wife,
Poles apart, probably is our fate,
Accepting it is what I hate,
Life I had seen with immense attention,
I saw you with intense devotion,
Distances had kept us away,
Disturbances revealed our way,
I wait and wait for questions unrequitted,
I found the answers in the situations created,
I love you to the moon and back,
I live a life of a jack,
I am not real and you do not fear,
Proud I am for the moments with you,
Loud I am to know someone better is waiting for you

Ek Kahani

Ek kahani teri meri, taaroin ne hai joda, 
naseeb wale hai hum Jo naseeb ne apna rukh moda,
Khayal jaise badalne lage hakeekat mein,
Yakeen ab karne laga huin manzil mein,
Dooriyoin ko banaletein hai doori, 
aur baandh lenge diloin ko, kholne khushiyoin ki tijori

Entha Vintha Ra naruda

Entha Vintha ra narudani janmamentha vintha ra,
Gundelo baasa guvva kerukegani ni gudu cheranante guvvakedari chebutavu,
Amma cheti Muddalu ni aasa aakali teerchalevu amma chesina neramammake erukaledu,
Andalam aasinchi nela Pai adugu nilupalevu,
Yegiregiri padatavu yeteto potavu ye gudu cherevo gaami neevu,
Gonthetti arachina, gunde baddalu chesina bhaavanni bharinche baanisa nuvvu,
Thodu raave tummedalu tene leni poothotaki,
Thellavaradu raatri yeppudu chupuleni kantipapaki... 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sita with a Cigar in hand!

Sita with a cigar in hand, has her purity perished? Cigar is mental addiction for nicotine and effects physical health and not the soul so sita is pure.

Sita had a boy friend before she married the one, has her chastity became cheap? Has Seeta never imagined a model husband before she met Rama? its debatable. Or has Seeta's imagination was exactly the same as that of Rama s personality? Again raising further avenues to debate...

 If she did not imagine anyone either she is oblivious of male as an individual who will consummate her. If she was unaware of this fact that means either she was a kid or she has limited mental condition to understand the society. Here both the cases are false as per what we know. Hence Seeta definitely would have imagined a certain way of life after marriage and imagined the person be in a certain way. Some where there was definitely a mismatch which was never told to us. If there was no mismatch then why Seeta had to die unnatural death? If there was a mismatch that means Seeta didn't want to get married to Rama, she was looking for a different person all together or slightly drifting away from what Rama is. Now since Seeta had someone else as well in her mind she controlled and suppressed that idea and lived with the reality called Rama and Believed in belonging to him for rest of her life. This decision can also have been consciously taken by her nay be due to the social circumstances and the pressure that is delivered on her by the society. Now tell me is she the symbol of chastity still? As she had an imaginary male in her mind before she met Rama?

I would say yes. As soon as she married Rama she disowned the imagination and embraced reality 'The wife of Rama' this was her journey of transformation  from ignorant imagination to interesting reality.
So Sita s chastity does not become cheap just coz she  had a boy friend before she met the one. Sita is that every girl who will be making a conscious choice for her own good. Her realization is her truth, respect her for what she realized do not disdain her for her ignorant attempts find that one that she deserved.

You are Framed.

Fathomless emotions framed an illusion in which the soul is indulging… tomorrow’s thirst is suppressed in today’s ocean of feelings. Feelings that we self-create and feel for the self-pleasure, yes soul is indulging in the joy of self-pain. Pain a profound feeling which defies reality and destroys hope is the truth that soul is lost in illusion. As sole purpose of soul is hope and transformation it has to come out of its addiction to illusion. Imaginations are beautiful and reality is not. An element of logic that is missing in this phrase is that reality is nothing but thoughts/imaginations manifesting themselves. How reality is not beautiful?

Soul has no connection whatsoever with the earthly emotions, feelings etc., then why is the soul indulging in illusion? Soul will only carry the karmic reactions with it and not the surface set ups that cause karma. Soul is not indulging in illusion, consciousness is! Mind that has taken over the control of life, which is driving life with illogical logics, reasoning and when they are not found disbelief – a convenient way to get out of the topic, this is pushing the consciousness to indulge in illusion. Thus, soul is forced to carry the karmic reactions of dwelling in illusions which are hostility, inertia to progress, limbo, cycle of suffering – desire - suffering, etc.

Reality - unlearn what you were taught to imagine, believe, behave and be. Realize, relive and make choices, move on. You will be called insane? (is this the fear which is putting you through guilt?) Let it be you are not going to achieve anything by being sane anyways. Save your consciousness and soul from illusions. Realize that your soul has dreamt of a certain destiny and that dream is greater than the rest. Life is one and you will not be given any extra time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Skyfall, I loved the mighty destruction, I loved the feeling of his world’s gonna end” But wait what did just happen to me? I am suffering just because she’s feeling tired!!!
What is wrong with me? I  loved suffering ever since I knew it existed. How come I am worried and immensely unhappy just because she is unwell. I loved suffering because that is what I had been experiencing all through my life! What has happened to me? Am I betrayed by my destiny? I am outcasted by the destruction I designed for myself or my personal pleasure. I feel like LIVING.

I feel like living for her!!! To see her smile, to make her feel that she is morethan life to me. My happiness lies in hers and my suffering too. My deep breathes are when she is tired and my jumping around in her delights… Great is this feeling though it has cheated my beliefs, great is this feeling though she has grown bigger than my ego in me.
Lonliness that I always convinced myself to be solitude is solitude in its true sense when I am alone with her. Destiny betrayed me once again…

Blind was what I was playing and still I found my light… Love was what I knew and she made me live that a new… hmmm I agree we fall in love only once! The joy I have right now cant even be expressed in tons. I used to write always for others and she made me write for myself once again. Weird she is and calls me one! Arrogant she is and calls me one!  Rude she is and calls me one! Stubborn she is and calls me one! May be all this is because she is the ONE!!! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Megha Milan

So fierce was her body language as of a woman who was waiting to take her vengeance over the entire male race. Confident and courageous to take any man for a ride who comes her way, or dares to oppose her in any ways!

She liked being admired for her beauty (Ya she was a dusky beauty), brains (hmmm...ok occasionally brainy), believed in individuality, a strong character, eloquent with her mind, fears none and one and the only one Megha for all. Her smile harmonizing with every heart, her eyes penetrating into the impress her was not an effort but you should be blessed with the things that does it, 

My first encounter with her was when it was a business meeting, i am awaiting in the lobby of Taj deccan, she liked intelligent men, just because she likes competing with them. I was little surprised by seeing as she wasn't the way I expected, then conversation started over a proposal which i had to share with her. Her radiant eyes looking keenly on what more does she need to listen, just waiting to counter attack me on the disappointments that she had with us in the last association. She charged over me with all the unfortunate instances, expecting me to quit the conversation and surrender. As I didn't do any of that and persuaded to make her re think on my proposal. Eventually the conversation turned out to be very interesting. I guess i impressed her with my skills and wit. We left with conclusion that lets meet for dinner tonight! Wow! what a business meeting led to a romantic dinner. Hmm looking forward for the evening!

An open terrace lounge, with the view of the stupendous lake and the necklace road. Was just there waiting for her to come. Couldn't wait any longer though it was just 5 mins that I had been waiting it seemed long as I rehearsed thousand times the way I should receive her.

A glister on my face as soon as I saw...

To be continued...

Gang Bang!!!

Prasad said 'I am at the adda, chai chichha ke bagal mein', "U just be there I will see u in 5 mins" I said changing my car gear from 4 to 3 raising the accelerator. My fingers crawled on to the control panel changing song obliviously. Karma is a bitch....

I saw prasad sitting on the pavement beside chai chichha's shack. His shirt pocket torn and face swollen. OMG they have beaten him up so badly, today I will not leave those mother fuckers. "See I guess you are happy now, will you react atleast now" Prasad Bellowed at me drinking some water from the bottle in his hand. I picked up that bottle to have some water. As soon as I tasted the water my taste buds indicated something else. "mother fucker what is this? You assholes, you mixed vodka in a water bottle."  "yah! man we thought this ways no one will find out what we were doing." he growled. 'Then what happened?' "that son of a bitch saw us, though we gave him a fuck and were busy in our bukchod. He called them over and they celebrated for the rest of the evening." Prasad groaned. 'How many were they?' I frowned. "3 of them with that chutiya four total." I saw four more water bottles nearby, "You assholes were out of your wits much before they even charged over you." I yelled at Prasad. "Where are the other fools?" Prasad replied saying "they ran away and I got fucked!" "chal lets fuck their life right now." I said starting Prasad's bike. Prasad picked up a rod next to him and got onto the bike. We saw their vehicle coming from a distance and I turned the bike around, i knew that they were coming for Prasad to continue with the second round of body massage. "Where will we find Jaggu now?" I asked. "move move move they are rite behind us, i will take you to his place" screamed Prasad. We rode to the Bapu nagar Basti, where Jaggu was busy doping with his friends and narrating the way he blasted Prasad's face. 

"He is there!" screamed Prasad. He jumped from my bike even before I stopped it. Fucker when they were beating him he didn't have balls to do anything and now roaring like a lion teri!! His vehement walk surprised me for a while albeit for the injuries and alcohol in his body wasn't allowing him to walk straight. Restraining my laughter I looked at Jaggu, asshole my blood boiling, mind loosing controlling over me, I started shivering as if I starving to see his blood spilling out of his body. Jaggu saw Prasad and stood up eloquently to face Prasad, he didn't notice me till then. Jaggu took out his knuckle duster from his pocket. Before he wore it to release a devastating punch on Prasad's face, I spang into the scene kicking him in the stomach. Jaggu flew to hit the electric pole. His head banged against the metal rod making him bleed profusely. His friends charged over us, they were four and two were clever, both of them held Prasad even before he could react, they smashed him to the ground. the other two whom I never saw before in any of our gang wars tried picking up wooden bars which were behind them. Me who is still not out of my anger held both of them on their neck pushing them to the wall. Their skulls collided to the wall and fell on the pavement. Buying some time I took one of the wooden bars and rushed to rescue Prasad. Two fierce blows on them and they were to rest. Fuckers Prasad couldn't beat them up. Jaggu recovering from pain tried calling someone. In that dark lane under the cell phone light I found Jaggu bleeding profusely. With a superhuman effort he tried putting the phone near his ear. Seeing that I took two long steps to cover the distance and make enough ground to kick him on his face brutally injuring his hand that tried defending. Cell phone however broke into multiple parts as it hit the wall. I lifted Prasad making him stand near the bike. Walking back to Jaggu "You motherfucker, never ever dare touch my friends again." I held his throat making him choke. "Next time I will choke you to death" I left him to cough and wiped my hands to his shirt, clearing blood stains. 

Prasad walking like a somnambulist came close to me cursing Jaggu. I took him to his home. Gave him first aid. It was already 2 PM in the night. My phone rang abruptly, oblivious of the deep cut on my wrist, I moved my left hand to pick up my phone which was in the right pocket. The cloth rubbed against it causing severe pain. Ignoring it I took out my phone. To my surprise it was she OMG! she didn't sleep till now? Was she thinking about me? aaa...Before I could lift the call, it got disconnected. Fuck! was she hesitant to call me at this hour, whatever I will call her back.  I redialed her number... call got connected Tring!!! Tring!!! Tring!!! Tring!!!...

To be continued...

Time Travel

Time a mystical illusion that has defied its non-existence for ages and still continues to do so. The augmentation of its importance in life has made us its slave and wedged us with in it.
Try to feel and believe that time does not exist and relive your life once again right from the day you remember the memories of your life. Surprisingly none of us will remember the date or time from when we actually started understanding things and reacting to the world consciously. All we remember are moments that we lived, those moments still flash in front of us as memories.

Memories I remember my school my friends and teachers, but do I really remember what happened at that particular moment, no I don’t. Science calls it memory loss and our mind calls it not so important. How does our mind decide what is important or not so important for us? What is important and what is not? Frankly certain things that we remember very accurately may not be really important, but we remember every nano byte of the memory.

We travel every day in time, we call them memories and expectations – recollecting our past and constructing our future wait what about present? Does present exist at all? Or have we killed it as we are busy traveling in the past and future? Like a nomad who knows that he can settle at a place but still wanders finding happiness better happiness may be. We after being thoroughly improvised day after day claiming to be civilized, cultured, intellectual and superior… do we really live in present? NO.

Past, present and future is how time is divided or a mere tense of grammar to divide your moments, memories and comprehend events of our life. As present seems to be non-existent how can time exist. Even the light rays that we see at the moment are past to the sun and future to the space.

We don’t spend time we travel back and forth in it and assume we are measuring time and live breaking it into years, months, and weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and nano seconds.

Yaa! Any questions that are difficult to be answered or seem to be a paradox are easily answered with one statement “Profound!!! Mm….philosophy” or just ‘ sigh’ as we do not want to accept or even try to understand it.

Monday, June 15, 2015

One year after the break up - NOSTALGIA

It’s a year now since I was ever been questioned or demanded for an explanation. Life of freedom or loneliness… I am not sure if what I had left behind a year ago was what I always wanted or the year that I lived? Am I happy? Or lost? No answer for such questions and my mind has learnt to discount such questions out of fear that it has no capability to answer those. Now each time these questions pass through my mind many things flash trying to prove their strong existence and influence on me.

Now, my mind is misleading me. Shall I disown its narcissistic approach or let me follow the affluenza. Why am I thinking so much about someone who does not even accept my existence in her life or may be its just that she does not want me to know her feelings for me anymore…

What if she hates me or hates me too much? Then I guess I will still have a chance to get her back. But what if as I feel she is apathetic? This mere thought scares the hell out of me! DO I REALLY WANT HER BACK??? I hate to answer this question. It hurts my ego. Love perishes the very moment ego survives. Love fails to fight with ego and ends up killing itself, we call it break up. Is ego the reason for this?

After many such occasions, I buried all these arguments and debates and decided to think nothing of it, that is the very moment when I would actually start thinking and arguing debating about it once again. I trying to be Mr. Arnab Goswami of the debate finally never looked for solutions or conclusions I was just enjoying as if I cannot live without these arguments. Now I realize I DON’T MISS HER ANYMORE… I am happy arguing and satisfying my ego. Silly me!!! I am alive only because of these conflicts, waiting for someone to change the channel… Till then it’s time for NOSTALGIA.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Manishi Yogam

Sari ayinadi siri unnadi kaadani telisi 
siri unnadi sari ayinadi kaadani telisi 
tadabaatla tappatadugulu toorupu vaipe 
Ushodayam viluverugaka krutrima deepapu kaanthula bhavanthula bratuku banisaluga maarcheste tudi varaku bhayapadutu 
bratuku bharam aasavaadi chupu daaranni chaitanyapu dvaaraniki mudivesi timirakaanthula kallu kappi ushassu uniki koraku prayatnam
Daari kanapaledu kaani daaram chejaaranivvaka
Bikku bikku Mani bratike mahadbhagyam Manishi yogam

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ardhanaareshwara @ Thiruchengode

Ardhamu nerigiti ninnu chusina pidapa ardhanaareeshwara...
 Purushudavugaaka strinu kaka napunsakudavugaka anthayuu neevai nilabadi
 Naakentayo santasambosagina srusthi  stiti layakaaraka
 Ni soundarya jharilo aa sivaananda laharilo gnanamukai tapinche na aarthini teerchi
 Advaita tatva Chaitanya Murthy vai shobhillu ni vaibhavamemani keerthintu
 Suvarna dandamai nela vaali niku mrokarillu ee dasuda nu dhanyuda jeyumu ni challani deevenala tho o thiruchengodeswara ardhanaareswara...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

koritine Paapinai

koriti ne paapa bhuishtamulu korikalaku baanisanai
koriti kanakaabharanamulu yerugaka
koriti aishwaryamul
koriti putra pautradulu korite vamsoodharakudan
kooriti kaamakrodhamulu kori konitechhukunti karma phalamulaneekamu
koraka potine kamakshi kovela darishanambu
koralede atyuttama aishwaryamu bhasma raasi papa nivaaranamu
koraka potini kodandapaani darshanambu
koralede kaivalya padhamu
koraka yetlundinaanu kailasavaasamu

paapinaiti paramaatma nama paarayanamu koraka
brahma gyanamu korakunda suraa panamadigiti
asura vaanchala paalaye ee jeevithambu
ika korabonu inkeedi daivatamu tappa janmakin

Monday, January 5, 2015


sagasagala savasam sagamu lo sthambinchi poyinde?
Ani isuka tennela pai ontari kaali mudralu chusi sandram adigindi!
nestam nanne kadante naku nene oddantu nenerugani agnatam loki nannu nene lagestu,
nannerugani naagarikula madhya na goode vilapiste,
dikkula dayyalu pette bhayala valayam lo
mukkala manasu penkulu pogestu
ontari adugula janta mudrala kai ne chestunna anveshana mantalu nannu aa gnapakala segalo kaalchestunte,
nirvanam yerugaka ninne malli koranu mana kaalam kalakaalam kaavaalannanu!


gaji bigi batukula gandaragollam EMI la indolla raagam, appichu vaidyudi vaddila injection astra prayogam
dabbemo oka maaya dari roogam
aasala cancer, mandu shapu oka multi speciality hospital, cocktailla kemo therapy
I T returnla bomblastlu, casualities tho tappinchukunna salary slipsu
kasepu relax chese coffee sipsu, day ko coffee day ki kattaleni billsu
targetla election campaignlu, performance reportla resultlu,
media kheemala manager reviewlu, cheppukoleka mingesina sisa lo beerlu!
cinema kelte sthalalu ammukovalsochhe ticket ratlu!
thodalu kodutu herolu, mana talalu pagalagodutu directorlu
dinemma jeevitham naku nirvana kavali ante
aasthuladina aadhyatmika bodhakulu....

chalanam leni chenchala chaitanyam purogaminchadu ayyo paapam

Kala Naligipoyindi

shruti minchi a raagam manasuni raminchadu
aakrosham atiga swatantram valla kondarikoste,
ade swatantram leka kondarikostundi
aakrandana hrudayam loni nalugu gadullone aagi potundi
sabdham sareeram daatatledu
sareeeram sthaanam maaratledu

chaitanyam chillara lo chikkukundi, aavedana allari paalayyindi
adugaduguna andam ardharahitam ayyindi
srujanaatmakataku swaardham thoodayyindi
sukha santoshala maargam suluvayyindi
siggemo angadilo sarukayyindi
saaleedu goodu bratukayyindi
saale purugu samajam kaallla kinda kala naligipoyindi

Malli Kothaga ...

koncham dooram kalisi naduddam -
aa taravata malli kalusukundam -
kothadanam manishi balaheenata ayite,
manani manam mana kosam kothaga aavishkarinchukundam!

Vibhajana Veerangam

Chusindi chalu, chudamannadi chalu! 'Madi'yala mothalu vinipinchindi chalu!
Baasalu mivi, bhashalu mivi, vaadam meedi, vivadam midi, pote poye pranam maadi...
Khunikorulu korina charalu, kosukupoyina pragati daarulu!
Swardham chesina samaram sodara, geetalu raasina chodyam chuda ra!
Daggaraku dooram chala dooram, dooraniki daggara korinanta dooram
Kosi kosi mondiga marina rampam, chappudulekkuva chesina vaynam.
Charalu mivi, daarulu mivi, cheeliste chindina netturu maadi!
Rakkasi raajyam ramudidhante nammina neram naadenandoy!
Chi chi aastulu chiriginavistaralu! Chilchaka chittanni, chittayyina yettulu!
Baboy bratuku baanisa bratuku!
Vaadiki vangi veediki vongi origina yuvathaku oodaarpadugu!
Swardham leni sodarunadugu!
Yudham evaritho teliyaka saaynyam okarini okaru podichina rangam!
Chelareegina pichholla chedarangam bali aayyina paavula kadhanam, chebite nanne champe pramaadam samaajam kanna goppadi na swardham!

Chavu em raavu?

Chavu em raavu? manishiki nuvvante bhayamannavu?
Balaheenula bhagyam nuvvu, baritegiste balamayyavu!
Chavu asalem nuvvu daggaraku raavu!
Piriki pandala poyina janma papam nuvvu, pragatini kaatese paamu nuvvu!
Pranam leeni paadelapaina! Paata padipoyina goodula paina paata saamaanla vaadi pilupuvu nuvvu!
Paasem vesemundu paavulu maarustavu!
Chavu em daggaraku raavu?
Poye pranam ni paayasama? Pogotte paatre ni vyasanama?
Chaakulo nuvvu, mekulo nuvvu, aakulo nuvvu, aakali nuvvu!
Adagani vaadiki athidivi nuvvu!
Dharmam antav vaytarini daari chuputavu!
Gamyamantavu... gundenaapestavu
Vichitramainadi ni vyaktitvam... vekkiristu enno vintalu chestavu raju ni raatiga maarustavu, boodida batukani budhulu chebutavu!
Chavu rammante nuvvu raavu! Raasunte ostavu! Raatalu maarustavu!


aligi, neeku alaka kaligi,
alavatu lo nuvve naligi
na vaipu chudaka ragili
ratrula vennela karigi
duram perigi
premalu tarigi
kopaalaku roopaala ni kannulanaapala
kanupapalatho beram jarapala
raajeela pageelu tiragala
maunalu maajilu kavaala
ni manasu gelavala
mana batuku muravala!

Saamanyuni Kshana Kshanam

aalochanala prakampanalu
aantharangana vidhvamsam
aasaavaadam aanavaallapai anu astrala prayogam,
vaastava gataala ku vesukunna vanthena dhvamsam,
ye 'you'gaantha sankethamo ee vidhvamsam
doorala daaranni thenchi agnatham lo throse yathnam,
yevaridi ee kuthantram
samaya-samsaya-smaranala saamanyuni kshana kshanam
cheritaku cheppavu cheritalu yerugavu 

chitikina hrudayapu naadullo avi chachina manishiki chihnalu

Jhoota hi sahi

kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta hai jhootha hi sahi mujhe pyaar tho karo
ab dil ke darwazien hum thodlenge zalim bas dil se humara yaad kabhi kiya karo
hawaien tho ab rukengi nahi, jhonka humare dil se guzarnehi do
mouka phir kabhi aaye na aaye, dil ki baat izhaar karnehi do
Sanse tho hum le rahe the barsoin se, Bas ek baar be jhi jhak zindagi jeene tho do
khauf marne ka tho hai zinda hum mein, Jeeneki aarozoo poori karne tho do
vaqt kaa kadar hai nahi humko, ab lamho ke khazaneko kharch karne tho do
loota hai fitrat se humne beshomaar daulat, ab thujhpe Jaan kharch karne tho do

Baata Yetu?

Nirnayala needallo
nemmadi adugula chappudu vintu
adigo avakasam idigo subha tarunam
atu itu rendu padavala gami gamyam yetu?
Potettina penumarpula sandram pogodite avakasam
chappudu cheyaka chatikila padda bhavishyattu baata yetu?


Padavala palakarimpule kani -  vantenala kalayika kala ga migiliponi
Na vaipu nunchi vache suryudu ninnu taakipotunte
Adi na sparsa anukuni nuvvu pongipotunte
Kaaveri mana kalayika kaavyalu raaskunte
Vennela lo veedana manamiddaram panchukunte
Aa odduna nuvu na kosam ee teerana nenu ni kosam
Padaala padavala parichayalu na pedaalapai panchadaralu poyagaligite
Teerala dooralu soonyala swargalai mattivasanala mytri chestam antunte
Gatti rayila kasaayi koyyala kadalanante nyayama
Kalavakunte dharmama


tirigi chusukundam venu tirigi chuskundam...
ika selavane maatalaku selavichi kalusukundam...
mana katha marala raasukundam...
okarini okaru okko kshanamu taluchukune badulu
palakarinchukundam, marokka saari parichayam penchukundam
madilo padi kaalaalapaatu dachukundam
praanamaina sneham padila paruchukundam!!!

Mukti Kantha

Eppudo na gunde chappudu adigite ni daari ippudu cheppana na saakshiga Na gamyame nuvvani Challaga as gaali ippudu chelaregi allari chesinappudu
Cheppana aa chandra vankavu nuvvani
Na nuvvani
Aasa aaviri aavesa jvalaga ragulutunte
Nammana aa vedi nuvvani
Kaalipona idi na chivari kshanamani
Yagasi yagasi alala taakidi teera dooram penchutunte
Chudana idi nuvvu nannu trosi poye teerani
Nannu nilo karaga mani nuvvu adigina teerani
Bhoomi bharam moya leni dhaatri ke idi pralayama, nuvvu nannu munche hrudayama..
Naku Mokshamichhe daivama

Trishanku Swargam

ekanthaniki ontaritananiki ni madhya trishenkhu swargam nirminchukovadam.
nachhinappudu ekanthamani nachhanappudu ontaritanam ani manaki maname abadhalu cheppukovadam
daanni jeevitham loni kashta sukhaluga abhivarninchukovadam
kavithalu, geyaalu, kudirite kaavyalu raasukovadam,
maname idi satyam ani nirdhaarinchukovadam
mana amaayakatvaniki paraakaashta kadu sumi!

agni parvatam

Potettina nissahayata oravadi lo abhimaanam kottukupoyindi,
Aasavadam abhaya hastam mondi cheyyi chupistu vekkirinchi poyindi,
Baadhala agni parvatam baddhalu ayyindi,
Chi chi la lava pongi nakai adi paruguteesindi,
Nindala segala vedilo nannu niluvana kaalchestundi...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Na gatam swayamkrutam!

Na gatam swayamkrutam, adi na vyaktitvaniki kadu pramaanam,
Ninnati nenu ninnati vadini, maarpu chaitanyam ichhe teerpu,
srujana na swabhavam, bhavodvegam na gallam,
aasavadam na aavesam, ayomayalu naku setru shesham,
nilichi - nadichi - parugetti - paikegiri - padipoyi - tadabadipoyi venutirugaka vegamtho tabelu katha la parugu pandem,
na adugaduguna naligipoyede gatam ane gaayam

Monday, December 22, 2014

Prashantha Prakruti Pralaya Aakruti,
dalchakapoyina maranahomam,
moodhatvam, moorkhatvam, moortibhavinchina matha chaandhasam,
pragaddha viswasam - pramada savasam mukkalu chesenu manava vamsam,
nenu - nuvvu, hindu - sayebu,
neetulu tappina jathula kosam neechulu chesina raktha tarpanam,
kothulakandina Gandhi Sandesam,
kodukulamane manaku neshabdham,
nidi nadi ane taguvu varidi,
nadumana nalige nethuru prajaladi,
rajakeeyame prati durghatana,
rajuladantha durmarganatana,
plague peeda poyindani kattenu charminaru,
A charminaru ke peeda sokindi vyidyulu yevaru,
Ee durmargam Naa kalamu kakkite,
bagundani naa bhujamu thattithe,
sambarapadi srungara kavita rayana,
seggu padi na siralo duki chavana,
nenivvanu nekesandesam,idi nakochhina chinni sandeham....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



చూశాకే నిన్ను సరి చూశాక సొగసును
చూడక నిన్నిన్నాళ్ళు చూడలేదు సృష్టి లో శ్రుజన పాళ్ళు
సగమేమో శూన్య కాంతి  మరి సగము సూర్య శక్తి  
ఓసగమది విరహ గీతి మరోటి వాంఛ మూర్తి
దూరమనేది  భౌతిక భ్రాంతి హృదయశ్రయమే మనకు ప్రాప్తి
ప్రేమకు పలు అర్ధలవి మానవ మేధస్సు వ్యర్ధలె
ఆనందం అసలు లక్ష్యం అర్ధాల్లో లేదు గమ్యం
అధికారం లేని నా ఆస్తి ని అందం, అనంతమంత దూరం మనపయనం
సమాజం స్వీకరించదు, ని సిగ్గు నాకు స్వేఛ నివ్వదు
అస్తమయం, గ్రహణ త్రయం - చెరిపి చెలరేగిన కోరిక కోణార్కం
కావాలని మనసులు కలవాలని మది చేసిన మహా సంగ్రామం
ని యద సగాలపై ఆ సూర్యోదయం నీ మదిలో మన ప్రేమోదయం

Sunday, July 7, 2013

akkada andaru kalusukovadam - kada daka kalisi nadavadam!

Kalusukovadam - kada daka kalisi nadavadam...

kuduru lenu kudupulenno kalusukovadam...
kuduru chedi kodinchina hrudi kadilipovadam...
koncham dooram kaugilintalo kaalamagadam,
inkoncham kuduru chedi kasurukovadam...
kopam nidi - kopam nadi - kopam manadi. Kuduru undadem?
kallemo swecha jeevulu manasu vegam kallemerugadu
aasanaape daari teliyadu
kadilipoyina hrudayamipudu kalayikadigite, kopam kakettuku pote
migilinadi nuvvu - nenu - migilinadi manam!
ekaki jantaku ee kaaki kanapadadu...
ahaalu vodilina ihamu swargam.
visaalamayinadi prema prapancham!
kikkirisina manasula lokam... kudupulu kalipina kotta bangaru lokam!
akkada andaru kalusukovadam - kada daka kalisi nadavadam!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

kolpovadam naku common!

kolpovadam naku common!

Pasivadiga amma palu kolpayina, aavu paala aatram!
aarellaki aagaledu aakali pettinchina aartanaadam!
chaitanyam pogodittina balyam angadilo ammare aa yindhanam!
na varame ontari tanam nannu odileyyadam andariki common!
mitrula kathula gayalaku chirunavvula plasterlenno vestu,
unnavarike kannavarani peegu peeguku prioritylu untayani telusukuni viluva kolpotu vetukutunna....????
thodu koradam na tholi tappu!
peddala advicela encounter lo chachhipoyina imagination, fees lane jabbu vachhi agipoyina education!
thodu koradam na rendo tappu!
dooralatho tegipoyina na thodu teega teliyageppindi principles of attraction,
rokkam rogam naku pattina rojullo vilasaala vayidyam tagginchenu chedu sensation,
tiyyadanam chakkaralone kadu jeevithamlo kuda untundani telustunna kaalam,
thodu koradam na mudo tappu!
dabbu jabbu pattina ee gabbu samajam lo savasam oka equation
kothaga kalise prati parichayam kala kaalam kalisundadane realisation
vilasam loni cheduruchula introduction,
Dabbu roogam advanced stagelo vilasala vayidyam dorakaka verrekki unna winter season,
vennala lo vechhaga duppati la vochesi vadalanani namminchina andamaina relation,
antha bagundanukunte inko kotha question...?
aada mathulutappina aali prema kuda illusion,
aardhikamane aadarsamtho, vayinam yerugani vyaktulatho samsaaram,
adi aatma gouravam tho Vyabhicharam!!!
Cheyaleka cheyi vodalaleka chustu chestunna swayamkrutaaparaadham!
Kolpovadam naku common!

Friday, December 28, 2012

నేటి సంఘంలో నువ్వు

పూలదారులు మరిచిపోయిన బాటసారి ని దారి యేది? 

బరువు బరువనుకోనేడి బ్రతుకు పరుగులో నీ స్తనమేది? 

విర్రవీగిన వెర్రి మనుషుల పిచ్చికేకలకర్ధమై నేటి సంఘం నిలువగా అందులో ని పాత్ర ఏది? 

పశువు మేలయ నీతో పోల్చితే పచ్చికే పరమార్ధము 

నీకు వాంఛల వెల్లువమ్మొ నిలువాదే మది నిమిషము 

నిన్న నీచము నీకు ఆ పని నేడు నీకది ధర్మమా?

పద్దతులు పదివేలు ఉన్నవి రోజుకొక్కటి సొంతమ?

ఏమిటో ఈ వైపరీత్యం ! విరుగుడే మరి వెతకవు 

సంస్థలెన్నో పుట్టుకొచ్చే ఇవి పురోగాతులని పలుకుతూ 

సంస్కృతేమొ సగము చచ్చే తనకు స్తనం వెతుకుతూ !

Thursday, December 13, 2012

వెలుగే కొత్తగా వాళ్ళో వాలగా వెలిగిందీక్షణం వెలుతురు సాక్షిగా

వెలుగే కొత్తగా వాళ్ళో వాలగా వెలిగిందీక్షణం వెలుతురు సాక్షిగా 
కలలే ఇంతగా కాననే లేదుగా నీ కౌగిలి పరిచయం ఓ కమ్మని పరిమళం 

పెదవుల వెనకే పలుకే ఆగె 
పదే పదే నీకై మనసే లాగె 
కల నిజమయ్యింద కధ మొదలయ్యింద 
కలిసిన మనసుల కధ కనులకు తెలిసిందా 

వెలుగే కొత్తగా వాళ్ళో వాలగా వెలిగిందీక్షణం వెలుతురు సాక్షిగా 
కలలే ఇంతగా కాననే లేదుగా నీ కౌగిలి పరిచయం ఓ కమ్మని పరిమళం 

ఉందొ లేదో నికే ప్రేమే మదిలో 
సవ్వడి నువ్వయ్యవే న హృది లో  యద లో 
నమ్మాలో లేదు నిన్ను అని నమ్మకమదిగితే నన్ను ఏమనను 
నమ్మకమే ఒదిలిన నిన్ను నిత్యం నీతో ఉంటాను నిన్ను ఒదిలి పోను 

వెలుగే కొత్తగా వాళ్ళో వాలగా వెలిగిందీక్షణం వెలుతురు సాక్షిగా 
కలలే ఇంతగా కాననే లేదుగా నీ కౌగిలి పరిచయం ఓ కమ్మని పరిమళం 

Monday, November 5, 2012

మనసుపడిన కాంత కోసం మనసు చేసే నిరీక్షణ 
అర్ధం అవదావనితకేమో ఆశ లో ఆవేదన 

భావాలకు కళ్ళెం వేసి పరుగాపితే ప్రియతమా 
అది ఆగి అరిచే ఆస్వామ ? ని ఆశ అంతటి అల్పమా ?
ఆపగ అది ఆపగ ఆగదు, ఆశ  అన్నది వివేకమేరుగదు 

శీలమన్నది సొత్తు కాదు - సిగ్గు అలమర దాచలేదు 
సమర్పణ అనే అగరుపోగల సువసనే శీలము 
సంయోగ భోగ యోగమే విశ్వము 

మనసుకో తాళం, ఆశ కో అవధి , ఆనందానికో ఆనకట్ట , జీవితానికో భగవంతుని రాత !
అనే భ్రమ లో బంధించడానికే  బంధాలనే రోత !
పగలగొడితే మనసు తాళం , దాటిపోతే ఆశ అవధి , కట్ట తెంచిన ఆనందపు వరద తిరగారాస్తాయి జన్మ రాత !

రక్కలు విప్పిన పక్షిని అడుగు స్వతంత్రం అర్ధం ఏంటో !
గర్జించే సింహన్నడుగు తెగింపు తీరం దూరం ఎంతో !

ఆత్మా సాక్షిని ఆర్తిగా అడుగు ఆదర్శం అర్ధం ఏంటో!

Friday, October 26, 2012

ఒంటరితనం ఒక అందమైన తీరం !!!

ఒంటరితనం ఒక అందమైన తీరం 
తెల్లారని ఏకాంతం నల్లని చీరను కట్టిన మోహిని అవతారం 
వెలకట్టలేని భావాలను తులనాడలేని  బంధాలను పోగేసి చేసిన  ఇసుక  తిన్నెల పర్వత రూపం 
జ్ఞాపకాలనే కెరటాల తాకిడి, అనుభవాలనే తడి, 
ఆవేదన అనే నురుగు, ఆలోచన ధ్వని!
మెరిసే తారలు మిగిలిన మిత్రులు 
చమక్కుల పలకరింపులు గుర్తుచేసిన జ్ఞాపకాలు 
అదిగో మల్లి తగిలిన కెరటాలు 

ఒంటరితనం ఒక అందమైన తీరం !!!

భయమేమో బతుకు సత్యం అని నేర్పిన గురువు ఏకాంతం 
ప్రేమల పిల్ల గాలి పిలిచిన వైనం - గమ్యం సూన్యమని లాగేసిన ఇసుక సైన్యం 

ఒంటరితనం ఒక అందమైన తీరం !!!

బాధ కన్నా బాధ్యతగల భావం ఇంకోటి లేదు 
బాధ లో పుట్టేదే భావోద్వేగం 
భావుకతలో జన్మనెత్తేదే  భావ కవిత్వం !!!

ఒంటరితనం ఒక అందమైన తీరం !!!